Gideon’s Bakehouse is always hiring. We have two main available positions. Customer Service and Production. We require experience in both. Must be 18 to apply.

Couple of things to note

  1. Quality and consistency are of the highest priority to us. You must have a good work ethic and take pride in the product you are helping to produce. Attention to detail is a must.

  2. Dependability is important. We’re a small business with a small crew and want a team that respects one another and strives to keep the workload balanced. Reliable transportation is required.

  3. We’re a positive workplace. Good energy. Good attitudes. Laughter makes better baked goods and creates the best customer experiences.

  4. Keep it clean! Personal hygiene is important including hair pulled back and a neat, clean appearance. In addition to personal hygiene, we like to begin and end our days in a spotless shop and kitchen.